East Palo Alto Measure O

East Palo Alto Voters passed Measure O by a margin of 78% to 22% (4,861 yes; 1,408 no). Measure O was closely modeled on U1 and is expected to raise $600,000 a year. It was placed on the ballot by a 4 – 1 vote of the City Council. It had no organized opposition.

Measure O (from the City of East Palo Alto web site)

East Palo Alto Residential Rental Business License Tax Measure.

On July 19th the East Palo Alto City Council placed Measure O the – East Palo Alto Residential Rental Business License Tax Measure – for voter consideration on the November 2016 ballot. If enacted, Measure O would generate funding for the City to help fund programs for affordable housing and alleviation of displacement and homelessness.

Measure O was placed on the ballot to address priorities the community has identified such as:

  • Maintaining East Palo Alto’s financial stability
  • Maintaining neighborhood law enforcement programs
  • Increasing affordable housing
  • Protecting local residents from displacement and homelessness

The Measure O Business License Tax cannot be passed on to tenants. It does not apply to any units during the first 10 years after a certificate of occupancy is issued. Anyone leasing less than five units, or nonprofit operators of affordable housing, Section 8 units, or below market rate units with deed restrictions are exempt. Hardship exemptions may be granted.

Text of Measure O

EPA Measure O


Palo Alto Online, Nov. 2, 2016

Final Vote

Yes:   4,707       78%                               No     1,349       22%